Fast and Easy

Create and spread invitation quickly

Low Cost

No matter how much the budget, we serve the best plan for you

Personal Invitation

Invite your close friends using personalized design

Accurate Location

Share your wedding location in realtime and precise positioning

Get Reminder

Just send a reminder link to people you invited

Beautifully Designed

Select template you like, make your own wording


Trial Plan


  • 15 Invitations
  • Default Template
  • One by One Invite

Basic Plan


  • 200-650 Invitations
  • Choose Template
  • Invite 5 at Once
  • Send Reminder Link
  • Custom Template (+150.000)
  • Valid for 30 days

Pro Plan


  • 1000-1500 Invitations
  • Choose Template
  • Invite 5 at Once
  • Send Reminder Link
  • Custom Broadcast Invitation Wording
  • Custom Template (+150.000)
  • Valid for 30 days



Lowrsy is a wedding invitation generator that help couples who are getting married in making invitation easily and quickly
Wedding invitations that are generated digitally, not a physical form and have same essence to invite to wedding party. Lowrsy using chatbot as generator
Now Lowrsy using LINE Messenger
Exactly, If you want to get more invitation you can send us Direct Message to Instagram @lowrsy or mail to
Quotas are ordered in Lowrsy will be active after you get notification from Lowrsy and it can be used within the next 30 days. If you wants to invite far in more than a month, you have to calculate the number of months payments ordered
Invite the same people will not reduce quota. Quotas can not be transferred/used at other times or other users
  • Efficiency spread time
  • Easy to spread wedding invitation
  • Save your budget
  • More social

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